Manage media-queries in Sass easily.


Put sass-queries.scss file in your project, and include it via your Sass manifest:

@import "helpers/sass-queries";

You can fully configurate SassQueries thanks to a bunch of variables prefixed with $sq-.
SassQueries provides default values for these variable, so you just have to put the one you need in your variables.scss file:

// Set your breakpoints: label / min-width
$sq-breakpoints: (
    mobile:    320px,
    tablet:    768px,
    desktop:   992px,
    wide:      1200px
// What is the media type?
$sq-media: "all";
// Enable (or not) a small tag displaying your current breakpoint
$sq-debug: false;
// Use mobile first or not
$sq-mobile-first: true;


SassQueries comes with a unique mixin: media(), which allows you to target a starting/ending breakpoint, to specify a media type, and even to add custom options.

.selector {
  @include media($from: tablet) {
    // starting breakpoint
  @include media($until: desktop) {
    // ending breakpoint
  @include media($from: desktop, $media: tv) {
    // media type specified
  @include media($until: tablet, $and: "(orientation: landscape)") {
    // additional option
  @include media($from: tablet, $until: desktop) {
    // starting + ending breakpoint