CementJS is a jQuery plugin which allow you to quickly present a list of elements under a grid layout. It uses rows with fixed height.
Hosted on GitHub CementJS is a Masonry alternative.
Basic usage:


And voilà!
Options availables:

columns (4)
Number of columns in your grid.
columnMinWidth (0)
Minimum width the columns can have. Under this width, a column is removed. Set to 0 to keep the same number of columns, whatever their width.
brickSelector ('> *')
Target elements inside the container.
horizontalGutter (5)
Size of horizontal gutters.
verticalGutter (5)
Size of vertical gutters.
transitionDuration ('.2s')
Transition duration.
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Licence MIT
CementJS was made with ♥ by
Samuel Marchal (zessx)
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